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When you become a homeowner of Laguna Bel-Air, you will also gain access to top-tier recreational amenities, the likes of which only Empire East can provide. As mentioned earlier, the community has its own school, which is accredited by the DepEd, and assisted by the Philippine Science High School. The Laguna Bel-Air School offers pre-school, elementary up to senior high school. This means your kids do not even have to leave the community when going to school.

The community also has a massive clubhouse, actually they have two; one is in the first phase of the community and the other is in the third phase. Not only are the clubhouses great for when you need a quiet place to go to and relax, you can also rent them when you need a wide open space for parties and other occasions. If you need a much bigger venue, you can use the grand pavilion. This place is large enough that you can use it for major occasions like debuts and weddings.

The Laguna Bel-Air community also has its own Catholic Church, The Mother of Perpetual Help Parish. So if you are a practicing Catholic, you can just walk over to the parish building every Sunday morning and evening for mass.

There are also lots of recreational amenities in-house. There are two swimming pools - one large adult swimming pool and a shallow wading/kiddie pool. If you like playing golf, there is a huge putting area in the village where you can work on your short game. There are also several basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, and there is also a small soccer inside the gated community. This means that if you are fond of any kind of sport, you will find it hard to get bored while living in Laguna Bel-Air.

One nice addition in Laguna Bel-Air that you will not find in most other residential communities is the Jungle Trail. This unique forest park provides a large wooded area where the residents can go on short hikes or trail runs. Aside from the recreational facilities, the Laguna Bel-Air community also provides all of the basic services. All of the major cable TV, telephone, and internet providers have provisions for connections inside the compound.

The Laguna Bel-Air administration also employs a huge team of professional security personnel to keep intruders out of the gated community and keep the peace. There are always at least two guards posted at the main gate of the village, so that no unauthorized persons can gain entry. There are also security cameras installed in strategic places all over the community so that the guards can keep tabs on everything that is happening inside the village.

These are just some of the many great amenities provided by the Laguna Bel-Air community to its residents. Just the amenities alone are enough to convince most people to invest in the properties for sale in the village. When combined with the benefits that its prime location offers, then there are no logical reasons why people would choose not to become permanent residents of Laguna Bel-Air.

  • Swimming Pools
  • Kiddie Pool Area: 28. 27 SQM.
  • Adult Pool Area: 286.69 SQM.
  • Green Areas
  • Putting Green: 1.5 hectares
  • Jungle Trail (Forest Park): 7, 207 SQM.
  • Sports Facilities
  • Tennis Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court (Inside The Clubhouse)
  • Mini-soccer Field
  • 3 Parks & Playground (1 each phase)
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